The bunkTEK parties have been a steady value in the summer calendar of Flandres for many years now and that will be no different this year.  This year bunkTEK will host a Materia party from Marco Bailey on Friday, August 4th.  When you know that these parties are creating a huge buzz from Ibiza to Japan then you know you’re definitely in for a great day and night.  Because yes, day and night as the party starts at  4 in the afternoon and you’ll be able to let it all loose on the best techno there is for 12 hours straight, till 4am.

Those who know bunkTEK, know that they can expect a beautifully decorated area where all the necessary facilities are cared for with the utmost detail.  They also know that the music remains the most important aspect of the party. Our national techno hero Marco Bailey is bringing along a lot of established talent, starting with two big techno guns in the form of Ben Sims and James Ruskin.  Both have been active in the techno scene since the nineties and still hold their position as innovators in the genre.  In good tradition also one less known but not less talented name with Psyk from Spain.

And this time also a lot of Belgian heavyweights with Amelie Lens, who will only be playing 5 Belgian gigs this summer, Tom Hades and Joyhauser.


Marco Bailey sees techno as a religion and especially one that unites people.  As such, MATERIA is a party where the want, need & desire to feel the love and vibrations on the dance floor is understood. Where music lovers can digest the passion in the percussion, the energy of the crowd coming together, experience the sensation of letting go - elements that constitute the foundation for what some may never get to fully experience... a pure musical journey!   


@Pwainx Dat is de bedoeling ja. Enkel zit de huidige mux volledig vol. Eind dit jaar komt er een nieuwe landelijke…
@RadioFG_be • 17 Sep 2018 • 13:48
Nieuw radioseizoen, is ook een nieuw programmaschema! Check hier onze nieuwe shows en hun uitzenduren. #fgsessions…
@RadioFG_be • 15 Sep 2018 • 18:50
TEPR nu live in onze Parijse studio!
@RadioFG_be • 13 Sep 2018 • 23:45
Time for some good old fashioned T E C H N O 😋 21h @NoirMusic 22h @ChrisLiebing 23h @felixkroecher 00h…
@RadioFG_be • 13 Sep 2018 • 21:37