That didn't go as planned 😂😂😂 https://t.co/X67N61xQqW
@wolfpack • 22 Jan 2019 • 18:16
How did you guys pass the weekend? https://t.co/uypgpPwcHe
@wolfpack • 21 Jan 2019 • 19:41
Two wolves spotted in Eikevliet 😁 Happy to spend some time at home 😉 https://t.co/Fvh6X6thXm
@wolfpack • 20 Jan 2019 • 20:00
Have this poster on our wall for 2 decades.. a lot of inspirational people here. Who inspired you the most in your… https://t.co/iPB7kXAAX0
@wolfpack • 19 Jan 2019 • 19:20
Playing Live @RadioFG_be - WOLFPACK Midnight hour - With new tracks from @edxMusic @AdamKMusic @VintageCulture… https://t.co/RCpxBUXWeP
@wolfpack • 18 Jan 2019 • 22:00
Out soon "WE GOT THIS" @22Bulletsmusic @FPBOfficial @wolfpack https://t.co/0WaigndgJX
@wolfpack • 18 Jan 2019 • 19:25
I always got your back brother. Tag your one friend who's always there for you https://t.co/IRou7Vg4co
@wolfpack • 17 Jan 2019 • 21:07
@jayson_sheward 👊🏽
@wolfpack • 14 Jan 2019 • 18:22
Always keeping track on our social media. What your favorite platform ? https://t.co/d7tTuSxqFU
@wolfpack • 13 Jan 2019 • 18:15
Playing Live @RadioFG_be - WOLFPACK Midnight hour - With new tracks from @DJDIMARO @DjPromiseLand @BennyBenassi… https://t.co/axSU3kFCcc
@wolfpack • 11 Jan 2019 • 22:00
Woooow we didn't expect Apache Anthem to climb so high so fast, you guys must really love it :-) Thank you so much… https://t.co/Y6IJBXxzvT
@wolfpack • 11 Jan 2019 • 13:05
Blasting Apache Anthem at Dawnmaker Dongguang tonight! Hope to see you there! Did you get your copy already?… https://t.co/uqZQ5K1unw
@wolfpack • 10 Jan 2019 • 17:44
Ready to climb the magical castle of Disneyland! Apache Anthem just entered the top 5... How high can we get?… https://t.co/5MZSmiHxQ8
@wolfpack • 09 Jan 2019 • 18:03
Wow we entered top 10!! We couldn't have achieved this without you guys!!🤠🤠 But could we get it into top 5? 🤔🤔… https://t.co/8s2cuIutj2
@wolfpack • 08 Jan 2019 • 18:10
Yihaaa 🤠🤠 Just spotted Apache Anthem at position 12 in the charts! Can we get it in the top 10? Help us out throug… https://t.co/LnxB7iqUHR
@wolfpack • 07 Jan 2019 • 19:04
Apache Anthem just hit spot 44 in the top 100 🔥🔥 Can we get in the top 10? Out now through the following link… https://t.co/SGDCOQmgaY
@wolfpack • 06 Jan 2019 • 17:51
Apache Anthem going strong! https://t.co/9TGcu0Ogw7 https://t.co/fYHpsuDRL7
@wolfpack • 06 Jan 2019 • 11:10
Playing Live @RadioFG_be - WOLFPACK Midnight hour - With new tracks from @VintageCulture @Vol2Cat @KYANUMUSIC… https://t.co/SOk66Yk8Ly
@wolfpack • 04 Jan 2019 • 22:00


It’s been a cyclonic three years for the unavoidable, vivacious pairing of electronic music’s freshest high-hopes, Wolfpack, with things only set to snowball further into a whole other rave-fuelled realm, as 2014 progresses on… 

With their Tomorrowland debut of 2011 igniting their unique spark of uplifting bridges and ruthless big-room drops, the brotherly duo of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike signed them up to their Smash The House roster, almost instantaneously. 

With the quartet all collectively hailing from the town of Willebroek, Antwerp, the label bosses re-kindled their childhood friendship with local natives Wolfpack, through a love of positively-led, bold electronic music. Fast forward almost two years and the pair now find themselves riding high on a wave of hype and success, as exclusive recording artists to the Smash The House imprint and most enviably, official protégées of the world-renowned brothers. But amidst this family-like affair, Wolfpack- also known as Steve and Ruben to their nearest and dearest - have watched their production work surge across the globe, catching the attention of fans, critics and peers alike. 

From colossal Tomorrowland performances including a deserved set on the Main Stage in 2012 and headlining the Smash The House stage in 2013, they also blew minds internationally opening up for their mentors on Smash The House dates across India, South America, Europe, USA, the Middle East and beyond. The pair also enjoyed a starring appearance at the inaugural American version of TomorrowWorld show in Atlanta back in 2013. 

Wolfpack’s reputation for providing electric sets grows with every whirlwind journey across countries and continents, each release also harvesting their deep-rooted passion for a collaborative essence, weather this be their undeniable chemistry between each other as a unit, or the internationally invited guest-stars they mould with, blurring genres and ushering in new ears each time. 

Collaborating with UK starlet Katy B for a vocal edit of the official TomorrowWorld anthem, ‘Find Tomorrow (Ocarina)’, along with the GTA co-produced ‘Turn It Up’ and hot-off-the-press Bobby Puma collaboration ‘Jump’, their high-octane releases are gaining them just as much praise as their intense on-stage antics.  

With Summer 2014 looking to be one of the biggest and best so far in their career, thanks to a combination of productions planned with ‘We Are Loud’ and ‘Dave Till’, label link-ups for imprints such as Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak and their musical home, Smash The House, not to mention a return to the epic Tomorrowland main stage, as well as featuring at TomorrowWorld and a Sunday residency at Ibiza’s prestigious Amnesia nightclub; this is set to be the year that Wolfpack confirm their howling presence as frontrunners in the electronic scene, the world over.


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