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Grammy award winning DJ and producer, Afrojack, is one of most notable and iconic names in electronic dance music (EDM) today. At only 26 years old he has made a…

Dada Life

This is Dada Land. Get ready to arrive beautiful and leave ugly. There are no rules but the rules of Dada. Don’t look back in the past. Always go forward.…

Laidback Luke

If it’s music’s prerogative to change with the times, Laidback Luke is the master of evolution. The one time Chocolate Puma protégé turned Dance Music heavyweight has a two-decade track record…

Mike Williams


Starting out in the mid-2000’s, Australian sisters Mim and Liv Nervo made their name by writing smash singles for artists like Ke$ha and Kylie Minogue, remixing superstars like Katy Perry…

Nicky Romero

“The main aim is to up my game at every possible turn without compromise.” – Nicky Romero“The word wunderkind was pretty much invented for the likes of 24-year-old producer Nicky…

Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens was only 17 years old when the biggest record label in the dance industry, Spinnin' Records, approached and signed him. After years of practicing his passion, creating music…

Robin Schulz

Sander Van Doorn

Thought to be a technical and musical genius by many, Sander van Doorn is without a doubt one of the worlds most essential, influential and popular DJ/Producers in dance music…

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki, the DJ/Producer, among many traits also founded his own label, Dim Mak Records, in 1996. The label has released music by other electro house artists such as Datsik,…

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

People always ask if there is something in the water in Holland that makes this tiny country churn out so many prolific and successful DJs and producers. Seems there may…

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Akira - Radio FG Belgium Thursday (18/05/18): via @YouTube
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Samir Susi - Radio FG Belgium Thursday (18/05/18): via @YouTube
@RadioFG_be • 18 May 2018 • 00:40
Amekmar - Radio FG Belgium Thursday (18/05/18): via @YouTube
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New weekly show! @AlanFitzpatrick presents every Monday at 23H cet, We are The Brave Radio! Only on @RadioFG_be…
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Onze guest deze week is niemand minder dan Donnely. Check onze facebook pagina voor de livefeed of…
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Straks om 20u niet vergeten je stream device af te stemmen op de liveset van @Leesa ! Check onze facebook pagina of…
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Akira - Radio FG Belgium Thursday (19/04/18): via @YouTube
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Roma - Radio FG Belgium Friday (20/04/18): via @YouTube
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Major K - Radio FG Belgium Friday (20/04/18): via @YouTube
@RadioFG_be • 21 Apr 2018 • 19:59
Dominico - Radio FG Belgium Friday (20/04/18): via @YouTube
@RadioFG_be • 21 Apr 2018 • 19:55
Dave Brody - Radio FG Belgium Thursday (19/04/18): via @YouTube
@RadioFG_be • 21 Apr 2018 • 19:39
RIP Avicii :(
@RadioFG_be • 20 Apr 2018 • 20:36
@RadioFG_be • 20 Apr 2018 • 19:15
Time 2 Dance, met deze helden vanavond! 19u @Romabelgium 20u @officialmajorK 21u @MrDominico check onze FB page…
@RadioFG_be • 20 Apr 2018 • 12:50
Soulcity - Radio FG Belgium Friday (06/04/18): via @YouTube
@RadioFG_be • 16 Apr 2018 • 17:42